Reasons to Ban Personal Printers in the Office

Office life, fax, copy machine, start button close upWhile you do have a case for providing certain employees with a dedicated printer if they have a real need, you should weigh the cost of a personal printer against a shared multi-functional copier.

When does a personal printer make sense? If you have to run down the hall to print documents that are already part of a complex leasing or purchase agreement for a car dealership, a personal printer makes sense for higher efficiency.
That is a reason for giving an employee a personal printer.

Why should you ban them? First, they might seem more compact than a larger copier, but as more employees request personal printers in their work space, the amount of spacing shrinks. With a centralized copier, it offers higher efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Second, personal printers will often fail to reach the same level of networking and digital sharing capabilities, which can hurt an enterprise for delivering files quickly across the enterprise Intranet. Using a high-grade copier, you have greater security measures that will protect personal information such as ID-restricted pass codes. A lot of these security features cannot be found with personal printers, which becomes a liability to your business.