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Copier sales, service and leasing in Little Rock

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We set software up on your computer that automatically reports the meter reads of the copier to us. No more fighting with the reps to get the meter reads when needed!  You are too busy to have to fax over config sheets every month.

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Need a quote on a copier today or a copier this week? We can make it happen.  We pride ourselves on our ability to get you a formal quote in minutes and not in days.

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We offer disc destruction and can program the copiers to delete out jobs on a daily, weekly or never basis.  For clients with data security concerns, we have data security systems available to ensure full compliance.

Why Choose Us for Your Little Rock Copier Needs?


We Help You Get a Great Deal!

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Tired of trying to figure out what toner part number you need, and is that for the toner or the drum?  We help you with managing what you need so that you never run out!

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Copiers break.  Unfortunately.  We are on your team and work on your behalf to get the Xerox tech there asap.  You don't have to call overseas to get help.  Our team is fully trained!

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Some of our clients like to call, others email and some even prefer to text.  Because people like to communicate in all these ways, we are committed to getting you the information you need so you can get help from us.

Here is Some More Information Before You Lease It

How do you approach quoting a copier lease?

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach.  What this does for you is it helps build correct workflows for your business.  Maybe you just need to print and copy... if that is the case, your business will be simple.  If you need more efficiency like what you see above for health care providers, then there are solutions.  There are similar solutions to scan to the cloud or help in other verticals like legal or education.

We want to help your company get the most out of the technology you are leasing or buying.


How can right sizing a copier lease help me?

We were chatting with a doctor's office in Little Rock, and they were printing about 5000 pages a month. All of it in black and white. When we looked at their lease, we were in shock. They were paying nearly $600 a month because their copier was the biggest of the big copier. It was a 65 page per minute copier when 30 pages a minute worked fine for them.

The copier they had was close to $25,000 new, we were suggesting a copier that was $4000. So, on the leasing side, the monthly payment on just the copier for them was about $500 a month. On our copier it was closer to $85. Granted, they got a much lower cost per print at 6/10 of a penny per page compared to our 1.2 cents per page. But 5000 * .006 (the difference) is only $30 a month. So is it worth $420 a month to save $30. We don't think so.

What brands do you offer?

We have heard horror stories when it comes to buying copiers, so we want to make sure we are a delight for you to work with. Our primary brand of copiers is Xerox and our secondary is Canon. We work with your team to understand exactly what you are looking for in a copier and where we should focus our energies to get you the best copier deal with the least amount of headache.