Wi-Fi Enabled Copiers More Needed

Office life, fax, copy machine, start button close upAs folks are going with tablet PC’s and other mobile devices, we are finding more and more clients requesting we include Wi-Fi with our quotes.  We are happy to do so.  There are mainly benefits, but there are some drawbacks too with using Wi-Fi on your copiers.


  • Every device, including mobile, can print to the copier.
  • You don’t need the copier to be hard wired into the wall
  • Easy set up


  • Scan can go slower to the network
  • The network is more prone to go in and out
  • Print is slower to the copier
  • Costs a bit more

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks can help you know if Wi-Fi is right for your company.  We would love to help you get your new copier or get you the lease you are looking for on the new copier.  Please call us today so we can give you a hand!