Steps to Cleaning up a Toner Spill

8yZS1dXVnM2YwQJTqY8QgIh9I2r-z4NVgQVezFj2bEEWhile toner is a powder-based substance, that does not mean that it cannot spill. You have different types of toner cartridges, but the type most likely to spill is known as refilled toner. This cartridge can break or leave you with a messy spill and exhaustive cleaning process. If you find yourself in the middle of a spill, you can do a couple things.

First, if you get toner on your skin, it will normally take scrubbing a few times before you can remove it completely. Whether you get toner on your skin or clothing, always use cold water to remove it. Toner melts with heat, and hot water can cause a sticky chaos.

If you find toner on furniture, wipe it using a cold cloth. Never use a consumer-grade vacuum to remove toner because toner is static, and when it combines with other dirt particles, it has the potential to ignite.

If you have a toner spill inside the copier, most copier technicians will have an ESD-safe toner vacuum that uses an electrically conducive hose and a HEPA filter.