Printing Tips with InDesign

8yZS1dXVnM2YwQJTqY8QgIh9I2r-z4NVgQVezFj2bEEInDesign, your most common design program for creating image files and documents, can also be difficult to print with. You have many file types, and knowing whether you should create an image, print to PDF, or keep the native file all become vital questions.

How can you make the guessing process easier? First, one golden rule with InDesign is to always create a PDF before you print using images and documents. While saving a PDF file simply for the sake of printing becomes a tedious chore, it ensures that you do not sacrifice the print quality.

If you want to share a file across the Internet, then you will find that PDF and image files will make the most sense because they have an original appearance that can be captured.

Planning to print a native file? First, check the driver options. After you have done that, you can send the job to the printer. However, you always want to make sure that your printer can read the file in advance and handle the color management. If you make too many adjustments, it can lead to faulty image prints.