Save Money: The Value of Managed Print Services

Need Document ManagementWhile it becomes one thing when a service provider claims they can save you money with managed print services, it becomes twice as impressive when they actually do it: Talk is cheap. Because the printing environment revolves around data, a managed print service provider should use data to show you the proof of their success.

The first thing that takes place with managed print services is they measure your current printing environment. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. The initial assessment will examine the maintenance schedules, office devices, operating costs and consumables. Using this information, you can maintain regular updates of your future progress to show that you have truly saved money.

The advantage of managed print services is that it creates new opportunities to enhance the work environment. As a business, you want to save money where possible. That, however, becomes difficult when you cannot access the hard facts. In an estimate from Gartner, your average company will spend between one to three percent of their annual revenue on the support of their printers. Collecting the right information can help you to cut down on the amount of waste.