Copier Maintenance

paper-jamIf you are like most people in business, you don’t want to spend a lot of your time worrying about your office equipment working. We get it, you have much better things to do. As copier professionals, we do have a few suggestions for things you can do preemptively to prevent frequent visits by copier maintenance technicians.

These few tricks can help you prevent the most common copier malfunctions and solve them easily without having to call a tech. Think of these tips as copier maintenance that you can take responsibility for.

Since one of the most common problems with most copiers is the paper jam, we thought we would share with you some preventative measures you can take to hopefully avoid frequent jams. We know that it’s a pain to have to refill your paper tray often but one of the ways you can avoid paper jams is by filling your paper tray ONLY to it’s limit. Overfilling your paper tray is a great way to set yourself up for trouble. Another common mistake people make with their paper tray is trying to open it while a job is running. Never open the paper tray during a print job unless you want to set the stage for a paper jam. Wait until all of the paper has run out and fill it then.