Save money with Print Services

The monthly cost of a copier lease can be hefty, but the true costs can come in replacing consumable parts. Every copier has a variety of variables that can cost you money. Unfortunately it can be hard to keep track of everything in a busy office. That’s why companies like Xerox offer a way to save money with print services.

Print services are available to anyone who wants to know more about what’s happening with their copier. Print costs can account for over 15% of your annual budget, but print services can help lower that number.

There are a variety of functions that a properly run print service provider will offer.

  • Track print usage. They will monitor all paper and toner usage of that printer. They will see where you are using more than you have to and where you can cut down usage.
  • Keep track of toner. They can help you figure out if one employee is using more toner than another, or if there is an unnecessary use of color toner.
  • Analyze printing infrastructure. They will point out where time is being wasted, and help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Simplify your workplace. Moving away from paper can help simplify the office and save money. They can help you digitize and streamline your process.

A good print service provider can be an unbelievable asset to your business. It is hard to monitor everything in your office by yourself, so companies like Xerox are there to help. Almost every business can save money with print services, with some cutting down print spending by almost 30%.

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