Copier Security

Protecting your business is of vital importance. Many people understand that cyber security is a growing concern in the business community. Having personal information stolen can be devastating to a company. While many business owners set up network security, too few understand copier security.

Copier security can be unbelievably important if you deal with sensitive information. What most people don’t know is that there is a hard drive installed in most business copiers. This hard drive helps with a great deal of features that make today’s copiers so powerful. Unfortunately, they can also be your weak point in your copier security.

The hard drive inside your copier saves an image of everything that is copied in your machine. That can be great if you need to access something that was deleted elsewhere. It can also be accessed by hackers who want to valuable information kept on the prints you copy.

If your hard drive is breached then you could face having a variety of sensitive information being stolen.

  • Personal information of employees and business associates
  • Social security numbers being stolen and released
  • Sensitive business documents can be stolen and used against you

The number of things that someone could do with your information is too many to consider. This is why getting copier security is so important.

Most copier companies like Xerox provide an option to add a security kit. A copier security kit protects your hard drive and erases the copies immediately after they are copied. This ensures that even if someone was to access the drive, there would be nothing left to steal.

Copier security is too important to simply ignore. If you think adding a security kit to your copier is a good idea and you want to learn more then call Little Rock Copier today!