How to Return a Copier

Returning a copier should be the easiest part of your lease. After taking care of your machine and doing everything you are supposed to do, the last thing you want to have happen is be charged extra fees. Unfortunately, many people end up paying fees because they have weird provisions in their lease. At Little Rock Copier we want to simplify the copier leasing industry. That’s why we wrote this article to help you understand how to return a copier.

  1. See if there is a provision requiring you to specifically terminate your contract. Many copier leasing companies will have automatic rollover and charge you unless you specifically say otherwise. This can lead to months of extra pay.
  2. Send a letter to your leasing company to terminate your contract. There is typically a timeframe between 45-90 days of the lease being finished. Make sure you do not miss this date.
  3. Confirm with your leasing company if they will be picking up the copier. Often they will leave it up to you, and try to charge large fees for them to remove it. If you know beforehand then you can look for other alternatives.
  4. Pack up toner and other consumables in a separate bag. Fees will be added if you do not package materials correctly. Check with your leasing provider to ensure correct packaging.
  5. Confirm everything is packaged correctly. Leasing companies are looking for a reason to charge you. Double check to make sure that you did everything the way the company requests.

Returning a copier should be the easiest park but that is not always the case. If you need help understanding how to return a copier then please call Little Rock Copier. We can help you understand your copier lease to ensure you don’t get charged extra fees.