What is an A3 Copier?

It’s always important to understand the industry jargon before purchasing an expensive piece of equipment. Sometimes one specific piece of information is the reason that one machine is twice as expensive as another. In the world of copier sales one of the most important pieces of information to understand is what an A3 copier is.

An A3 copier is a copier that has the ability to handle tabloid prints. Tabloid prints are extra-large prints that are twice the size of regular, traditional printer paper. Tabloid printers will be at least 11” x 17” as opposed to the standard 8.5” x 11”.

Copiers that can handle tabloid prints are generally much more expensive than ones that cannot. It is not rare for the leasing cost to be twice as much as the cost of a simpler printer. This is because these printers are bigger, contain more pieces, and are generally much more powerful.

Tabloid printers generally can handle greater color scales and can handle the most complex print jobs. They can be used for a wider variety of jobs and are essential to many media and advertising jobs that need their images to pop. A3 copiers will offer solutions to more specialized jobs that more traditional copiers cannot handle.

It’s important to get the right copier for your business. Not all copiers are built for the same purpose, but salespeople will often try and scare you into getting something you don’t need. You won’t have to deal with that at Little Rock Copier. We believe in fair copier leases and honest sales practices. Call us today to start your search for the best copiers in Arkansas.