Don’t get Tricked on Shipping

It’s a common mistake,  but too many people take the end of their lease for granted. Many people will pay close attention to the beginning and middle of their lease but don’t totally understand what to do when your lease is ending. This can be a costly mistake, especially when it comes to shipping. Thankfully, Little Rock Copier is here to help you avoid getting tricked on shipping.

The mistake that many people make is to simply assume their leasing company will take care of everything at the end. They think that their copier leasing company will pick up their copier and that will be the end of it. That’s not how it actually works.

If you look at your lease you will probably see that you are actually the one in charge of shipping your copier back. This is done on purpose from the copier leasing company standpoint. Shipping a copier for you could cost hundreds. However, leasing companies already have relationships with shipping companies. This makes it far less expensive for them.

They use this as leverage in negotiation. They know that you may not want to pay hundreds for shipping, especially if you weren’t expecting it. That’s when they will offer you to take the copier away for free—if you resign with their company.

We think this is a tricky, dishonest way to do business. You shouldn’t be bullied into another contract, especially if you don’t like the company. Be aware that they could happen to you and either negotiate it ahead of time in your contract, or figure out shipping plans before you lease ends. If you don’t then you could be stuck with costly fees.