Returning a Copier

Do you understand everything you are responsible for in your copier lease? You need to know about everything from getting your copier installed, to returning your machine to protect yourself from losing money. Many people think they understand their leases, but then end up confused when returning their copiers. 

Shipping a copier can be an expensive endeavor if you aren’t vigilant.  Copier companies know that a lot of people don’t pay attention to the end of their leases. What many people don’t know is that they will actually be the ones responsible for shipping a copier back to your company.

Copier companies have a relationship with shipping companies already. They are able to move their machines around for much less than you would be able to on your own. You could end up spending $500 or more to ship your copier back, especially if you are scrambling to find a company to do it as your lease comes to an end.

They will use this as an opportunity to try and bully you into another lease. They will “offer” to ship your copier back for free if you agree to start another lease with the same company. We think that this is sneaky and unfair. They will be able to ship the copier for far less than you would, so they are taking advantage of you.

Do your research ahead of time and look for good deals. You can even work with other leasing companies and negotiate with them to help you out if you start early enough. Just don’t wait until it’s too late to figure out your plans. It could be quite a costly mistake.