Questions for your Leasing Agent

Trusting your copier leasing agent is crucial when you are getting ready to sign a lease. Copier leases can go on for 5-years or more. That means that you will likely be working with the same people for years to come. Not everyone has your best interests in mind, and some people just want your money. That’s why you want to have some questions for your leasing agent to figure out if you are a good match.

Having some questions ready to ask can give you an upper hand, show that you know what you are talking about, and can put them in a situation to tell the truth or try and deceive you. These questions are just a starting point, and always asking more questions is better than not asking enough.

  1. What is the monthly cost breakdown? Make sure they give you a comprehensive understanding of where your money is going. This is crucial. You don’t want to sign something that looks good, only to have your rates raised later on.
  2. How much help do I get maintenance wise? Who is going to be there when you need them most, and what are the time restrictions? Are you charged for work or is it included in your lease? Can you get help during off hours or the weekends?
  3. How many prints do your recommend? This is a great one to see if they are just trying to get your money. If they aggressively insist that you need more prints then they are likely just trying to bleed your wallet.

Having a few questions for your leasing agent can really save you in the long run. There are some sketchy characters in the copier leasing world and you need to do your part to be as smart as you can be.