Helpful Hint: Scanning

What services does your office machine do that your business relies on the most? There are a number of ways to help maximize your machine to ensure that it does your most important jobs with great efficiency. One area that many people could see an improvement is in their office scanning. If your business scans aggressively then there are a number of ways to help your machine operate as efficiently as possible.

  1. Make sure you have the right device for the job. Scanners run the gamut of what they are able to handle. Some desktop scanners can only handle around 10 scans a minute while other higher functioning ones can do over 1000 and hour. Getting the right device for the job is key.
  2. Get an Automatic Document Feeder. This will allow your machine to feed documents in without the need for any human involvement. Your machine will be able to handle this service much more quickly and fluidly than any human would. This can drastically improve your scanning time.
  3. Get a metal detector. This will catch any staples, paper clips, or other objects that may still be attached to your machines. These small objects can cause a great deal of damage to your machine if you aren’t careful.

If you need more helpful scanning tips then we suggest talking with our great staff at Little Rock Copier. We can help you with whatever problems you may be running into. Together, we can get your office machine working like it should.