Data Security

Office life, fax, copy machine, start button close upSecure Your Copier Data

According to experts, almost every copier since 2002 uses a hard drive. It works similar to what you find on your personal computer. The problem with that? Almost every image and document that you have ever emailed, scanned or copied to your copier can be found on the hard drive. That means sensitive customer information could be stolen if someone had the right know how. What can you do?

First, we have noticed that several brands, such as Xerox, offer data security kits. What does a data security kit do? First, it encrypts the data before it gets stored in the DRAM. Second, it will encrypt the data stored on the hard drive. A data security kit can also give you an overwriting routine that will ensure deleted data remains irretrievable. Why would you need a data security kit if you do not retain the digitized data? First, a lot of MFPs will often have email addresses, names and fax numbers entered into databases. If you store sensitive information on your copier, you want to protect it. Finally, check the National Vulnerability Database to determine if you will encounter specific security problems related to your copier brand.