Little Rock Copier Sales


We have heard horror stories when it comes to buying copiers, so we want to make sure we are a delight for you to work with.  Our primary brand of copiers is Xerox.  We work with your team to understand exactly what you are looking for in a copier and where we should focus our energies to get you the best copier deal with the least amount of headache.

We were chatting with a doctor’s office in Little Rock, and they were printing about 5000 pages a month.  All of it in black and white.  When we looked at their lease, we were in shock.  They were paying nearly $600 a month because their copier was the biggest of the big copier.  It was a 65 page per minute copier when 30 pages a minute worked fine for them.  The copier they had was close to $25,000 new, we were suggesting a copier that was $4000.  So, on the leasing side, the monthly payment on just the copier for them was about $500 a month.  On our copier it was closer to $85.  Granted, they got a much lower cost per print at 6/10 of a penny per page compared to our 1.2 cents per page.  But 5000 * .006 (the difference) is only $30 a month.  So is it worth $420 a month to save $30.  We don’t think so.

We enjoy helping Little Rock companies in these kinds of scenarios because it can really help their bottom line while we get a new client.  If you feel like some isn’t quite right with your current lease, give us a call.  We would love to help!